easy code hdr

Setup Guide

Download the Easy Code 2.0 App

Click the Enroll button

Easy Code Enroll page


At This time call the IT Manager at 618.624.4977 He will help you complete the Mobile App setup.


Do Not press Continue. That will take you through the manual enrollment
process, which is more tedious but can allow you to enroll without the Site
Manager’s help.
 Instead, stay on the first screen and give a 6-digit code to the IT Manager.

Easy Code - auto enrollment

After the IT Manager has entered all the above information into their software, your
EasyCode screen will have changed to the password creation step shown below. Follow
the EasyCode prompts to complete the enrollment process on your own.






Easy Code - password

DO NOT turn on Notifications when you are prompted. This is only for door locks on the individual units.

Easy Code - Notifications

The box below will appear and indicates that you will receive a text message confirmation link within 5 seconds.

Easy Code - successful

Open the EasyCode text message and click or tap the embedded link under where it says "Please Visit"

NOTE for Android users: You will have to PRESS the link to open a dialogue box that asks you to open the link in a Browser.

DO NOT Tap the link. If you do the page will open and look similar but it will not allow you to complete the setup process.

Easy Code - link

You will know whether you did it correctly because there will be a "+1 " in the Country Code field on the Confirmation page. If you do not see the "+1" hit the back key and try again.

Easy Code - confirm


Once you have Logged in successfully you will see the page below. 

NOTE: You will only be able to OPEN the gate when you are in proximity of the facility.

Easy Code - Completion page

Any Questions Call our Office 618.410.1047